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Attaining healthy-looking, beautiful skin is a tricky endeavor. There are many things to ponder, the utmost is skin type. Each category of skin has precise requirements that should be taken into account when purchasing a cleansing or moisturizing product, as well as when getting a facial treatment. Spa services are the best way to give your skin the extra help it needs, nevertheless with all the various forms of facials to select from, which will profit your skin greatest?


Dry skin requires many different treatments... Dry skin has a much reduced level of natural oils, causing it to be prone to “thirst.” As a result of this shortage of H2O, the skin's usual exfoliating cycle decelerates. Facials that contain gentle exfoliation (i.e. using enzymes) are a fantastic way to turn your skin around from scaly to smooth. Dryer skin also needs/wants both natural oils and water mixtures to balance it properly, seeking out facials that contain masks, will support with penetrating product further into the skin. One illustration is a mask that rubberizes. It sounds a bit strange, however any product you put through this type of mask is pressed into the skin as the mask solidifies, making your skin feel much more hydrated and revitalized.


Oily skin types produce extra oil, way more that it needs. This oil works like a magnet attracting debris, such as dead-skin-cells, makeup residue and environmental pollution, which in turn causes congestion in the pores. As time goes by, the pollutants become hard, almost the same as plaque on teeth. You should seek out facials that embrace a chemical exfoliant, like glycolic or salicylic acid. These acids penetrate into the pore system and dissolve the jammed-up pores. Oily-er skin also benefits from extractions being made to eradicate any toughened rubbish within the pores (bye-bye blackheads) However don't try this treatment at home. Extractions are tough and only Aestheticians are qualified to do this safely as a portion of your facial.


This is usually an Aesthetician’s favored skin-type to toil with, combination skin, contains both oily and dry skin areas, so these zones must to be treated independently. Enzyme, chemical and even micro-derm exfoliants work really well. Extractions are additionally needed in the T-zone to eradicate blockages, as well a professional mask treatment, like collagen to reload vanished water levels and soothe skin.


Aging-skin can be a challenge... It can be oily, acne prone, dry or any mishmashes of these issues. Mature skin additionally reduces in cell production and circulation, thus there are many problems to deal with. Your Aesthetician will first deal with the type of skin you have. Then they will be forced to address the slowing process and increase circulation while saturating the skin with vitamins, anti-oxidants, and essential minerals to give you a healthier, younger-looking appearance.


Sensitive skin requires much more care... Now, all skin types need gentle exfoliation to eradicate built-up dead skin, however this needs to be done gently and methodically. Facial treatments that use enzymes to remove dead skin work very well, because they don't aggravate the skin system. Also, you should seek out products that don't contain un-natural fragrances or vexations in them.


Here are some easy at-home tips for keeping skin looking great: • Purify to remove rubbish from daily exposure to the elements • Use a toner to re-hydrate your skin after cleaning- this will ensure your moisturizers penetrates deeply

• Exfoliate to aid the regular cycle of shedding old skin • Moisturize to replace • Use sunscreen and protectants to prevent free-radicals and safeguard the skin against sun damage

Everybody ought to be following these steps. The stages stay the same for each skin type, but the products used should be altered for each personal case. If you aren’t sure, speak with your Aesthetician about which products are best suited to your skin type.


About the Spa: At Koffee Day Spa, we wish for our clients to be well-informed before enjoying any of our services. We hope your experience will be better once you know what to expect, have more realistic ideals and goals, as well as understand what we are focused on doing for you. If there are any other questions or concerns you may be having, please contact us at (214) 428-9696 I I I 1118 S. Akard St, Dallas, TX 75215

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