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A massage is an ideal method for relaxing and ridding your body of pollutants that gather together in the muscles. A great massage treatment can free the body of stiffness while helping you feel better. If you are a casualty of chronic back-pain, a good massage therapist can release some of that aching with their good technique. Massage therapists can locate trigger-points in the body and work to knead-out those tender knots. The total result leaves you feeling relaxed and healthier. It is also confirmed that massage therapies release the build-up of lactic acid that tends to accrue in tight muscles.


A couple's massage treatment is a fantastic way to receive this treatment with a significant other or even a friend. A couple's massage is generally done in a therapy-room that accommodates multiple massage tables and they are usually performed next to each other. Occasionally health spas have amazing couple’s rooms and they are fitted-out with amenities for multiple services like body wraps and skin treatments... Some even have mood lights and offer refreshments.


This is also a fantastic way to relax and bond all-while delighting in a healing that actually makes the body well. Couples can have a dialogue throughout and connect despite the fact that they are sharing a healing treatment. Many men have less familiarity with massage then women, so a couple's massage is an ideal way to help a man to feel a lesser amount of intimidation by a massage since they are with their loved one. This time spent alone together is usually without anxiety, in a very relaxed atmosphere. It sets a good air for two people to associate in a new way. This is a quietly romantic way to share an activity.

The majority of massages are more about the body-work than the social part… Nevertheless, couple’s massages embolden two people to restore themselves while having time together, which for many is a fresh idea to be able to restore the body and unite with a loved one! Massages are fantastic for problems that plague us all. Tenderness, knots, tightened-muscles, sleeplessness and arthritis are relieved with a good massage.

A couple's massage likewise takes some of the uneasiness out of being by yourself with a massage therapist while naked. Numerous beginners to massage feel somewhat edgy about this part of therapy, however, by undergoing this with an additional person ensures it is much easier to experience. It is also a fabulous means of helping a loved one or friend to be familiarized with the benefits of massage therapy.


About the Spa: At Koffee Day Spa, we wish for our clients to be well-informed before enjoying any of our services. We hope your experience will be better once you know what to expect, have more realistic ideals and goals, as well as understand what we are focused on doing for you. If there are any other questions or concerns you may be having, please contact us at (214) 428-9696 I I I 1118 S. Akard St, Dallas, TX 75215

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