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A body scrub or body polish is a spa services which sloughs off the dead layer of skin on your body leaving it fresher, smoother, moisturized and supple. A mildly abrasive cleanser is scrubbed vigorously, while being massaged into your skin, and is finished by rinsing it away to revealing a more moisturized layer of skin.


There are multiple reasons you should do a body scrub or polish. It will exfoliate your skin, rubbing away tough and flakier skin, resulting in it feeling softer and smoother. Body polishing products typically include a creamy or oil base which conditions and calms your skin as it is being burnished.

A body scrub can be truly stimulating as well, improving the flow of blood and lymph to the surface of your skin, serving to battle cellulite improving your skins tone.

A good body scrub is the best base for other body treatments, for instance:

  • it preps the skin for a dark, even tan

  • it unlocks the pore system and awakens the skin in advance of a body wrap or mud treatment

  • the oil utilized can both relax and excite your senses making them equipped for any deep-focused treatment you may be having later.


There is not much that should be done ahead of time other than taking a good shower, however this is merely just a consideration for your attendant. Note: in most cases you will be able to keep your underwear on.


Body scrubs and polishes are appropriate and harmless for almost anyone. It is not an intrusive treatment, and does not include you assuming any abnormal positions, however, you shouldn’t get a scrub treatment if you suffer from cancer or a fever.

In addition you ought to search out professional advice if you happen to be allergic to anything or suffer from a skin condition of any sort. Also, anyone with delicate, cracked or sunburnt skin is recommended to avoid this treatment as well, as a strong scrub may hurt more than it heals, yet this is surely something that a decent therapist will take into reason.

As with most spa services, ensure you are clear about any medical situation you have, or service you are getting, so you can be certain that any form of treatment is safe and suitable for you.


Each spa uses different accommodations, and so do their scrubs in somewhat different ways. It’s the norm to perform it whilst you are lying down, and your therapist will examine you modestly, or leave the room for a while to allow time to take off your robe and lay down amid towels that have been placed on the table

Someway, in spite of the fact that they scrub and cleanse your entire body, you will be practically be completely covered for the entirety of the treatment, as the towels are skillfully rolled-and-folded to uphold your dignity.

Prior to the treatment beginning, your therapist will usually ask you which product you fancy, offering you a choice of fragrances or inquiring whether you desire to feel relaxed or energized by the treatment. Then they usually explain the product and process so you know what to expect.

The service will typically begin on one end of your back, then spread up-and-down your body at the same time. The technician will then go across the rest of your body, scrubbing & massaging one area at-a-time, and finally rinsing you with warm, soft water.

A scrub usually lasts about half-an-hour.


This is definitely a great treatment as it allows you look and feel better. Afterward a good body scrub, leaves your skin feeling extremely soft and silky


Although there are many variants in how a scrub may be given, the key difference concerning scrubs is typically just the product being utilized. Here are the most common variations:

SALT: finely ground Sea Salts or Mineral Salts are mixed with an essential oil.

SUGAR: is also popular and is also mixed with oils and/or creams

LOOFAH: A few treatments utilize a moisturizing cream and a loofah sponge to brush-off dead skin

HERBAL: your technician may combine an herbal-based oil with an exfoliating scrub base, such as rosemary, lavender or aloe, contingent on your type of skin and whether the scrub is intended to energize or relax you

FRUIT: A few body scrubs use ground seeds, fruit oils, ground oats and other appetizing things to nourish your skin.


About the Author: Thai Morrison, superstar esthetician and founder of her very own day spa & skin care collection, understands that ideal skin is seldom attained with a “universal approach.” Thai’s 20 years as a luminary esthetician and as one Dallas’s favorite skin care professionals, has generated a “real life” answer — products & services that are geared towards each of the different, individual skin types so you get precisely what is needed to look and feel your best.

About the Spa: At Koffee Day Spa, we wish for our clients to be well-informed before enjoying any of our services. We hope your experience will be better once you know what to expect, have more realistic ideals and goals, as well as understand what we are focused on doing for you. If there are any other questions or concerns you may be having, please contact us at (214) 428-9696 I I I 1118 S. Akard St, Dallas, TX 75215

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