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Don’t neglect your neckline – your décolleté area.

When you wash your face, you probably love to exfoliate with a nice cleanser, but have you ever thought to take it down to your neck? You may be shocked by all the dead skin that will come from it. After being in the sun and realizing you never put sunscreen on your neck, the damage is already done, but it can be reversed. The trick to this is to exfoliate the area and apply a moisturizer down your neckline as well as on your face. If you need things to go faster then you can also put an alpha hydroxy product on the area as well, but make sure you apply sunscreen.

Have your Therapist include the Décolleté area during your next Spa visit.

Do you plan on going to the spa to get a facial? You should also look into seeing if they can include your neckline before you go in. Or you could even wait until your appointment and ask them to move from your face and include your décolleté. Most estheticians are happy to include this area because they know it doesn’t always get the attention that it should. You can call ahead or ask while in the room, but try to make sure your neck is included.

SPF Protection is important for your Face, Neck and Chest Area

If you keep your neck looking as good as your face, it won’t give away your real age! Taking care of this area now can prevent the skin from looking older.

Whether you have plans for the summer or not, I can assure you that you will be out in the sun. Make sure to apply sunscreen to your body, and do not leave this area out. Sun damage is not fun and you will grateful you took care of yourself before you get it. However, if you do sadly have sun damage you should check out Microdermabrasion sessions which can get rid of the damage. You should consider having your Microdermabrasion session include the décolleté area as well so that your face, neck and neckline area are all matching. Some people have beautiful skin, but are stuck with a rather off-putting neckline – this doesn’t have to be you. Take care of your entire appearance. It takes no time at all.

Another Anti-Aging Tip: Include the Hands with your SPF Ritual!

Since we have talked about anti-aging we should remember to include our hands in our SPF ritual. You probably don’t think about it but while you’re driving, your hands are on the wheel bathing in the sun. And you’re more than likely not applying sunscreen to the tops of your hands. Maybe you should start. You can make an at-home exfoliant just for your hands. After exfoliating make sure to lather your favorite lotion over your hands which will provide moisture. you’ll It absorbs so much more with all the dead skin removed. And when you wake up, just as you would brush your teeth, apply SPF to your face, neck area, AND hands. Take care of yourself, care for your skin.

Your neckline area is called The décolleté. This area of the body is more times than not overlooked, yet still exposed. Exposed not only to the sun but to other things as well, such as dust, dirt, and other messes. As humans we tend to focus our beauty techniques on our faces, and don’t really stop to think about our necks. You may have a beauty complexion that makes all of your friends jealous, but have you ever thought to spend the same amount of time on your neck? No, probably not. If you look in a mirror and notice that your neckline area seems to look older than the rest of your face Go to the mirror now and see if your neckline looks older than your face. It’s common in people but there is a solution to fix this, so don’t worry. This area of your body can be fixed and looking nice with a little bit of attention.


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