Deciding which of the many massages is right for you may seem difficult; however that’s not the case. While choosing the best one is extremely important, it’s actually pretty easy. Each different type of massage is for certain things and what you wish to achieve.

Knowing all the types of massages and what they work to do is pretty easy to find out. Here are your options when getting a massage.


This kind of massage is good for relaxation, stress relief, and for first timers.

The Swedish massage is probably the most common massage therapy techniques. A Swedish massage works to warm up your muscles and get rid of tension and soreness. This massage usually just involves hands and sometimes forearms. A Swedish massage can be given using less or more pressure depending on your preference. This type of massage is usually super soothing and would be the best option for someone getting their first massage.


This modality is the best for tight muscles, recovery, and posture issues.

Deep tissue uses a combo of different techniques and different levels of pressure. It uses the upper parts of the arm such as the forearm and elbow to give more pressure. There are two specific kinds of deep tissue massages you can get. These are known as Petrissage and Tapotement.

Petrissage is a movement when the therapist uses motions to create blood flow in an injured area of the body. Normally this isn’t used for a full body massage but rather on a certain part of the body. Friction is also a method used to create heat which brings more blood flow.

Tapotement is like a karate chop, but doesn’t have to be always. It can also use fingertips or cupped hands. They are all alike in the way that it’s a quick tapping movement, normally applied with more pressure.

Deep tissue massages are usually slower and generally need a lot of talking between the client and masseuse. They should be sure to ask if you would like less or more pressure, if not, don’t be afraid to let them know.

With deep tissue massages you may feel uncomfortable or in pain at some point, however this isn’t a bad thing. In order for the massage to really work a lot of pressure should be used and the pain you may feel is good. Despite this, it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable or painful.


Trigger therapy is for knots or areas with extreme tension.

This kind of therapy is designated for knots; the points where you feel a lot of pain or tension. This massage is normally given using a thumb, knuckle, or elbow to give increased pressure to the small points. The therapist is able to tell how a knot feels and when it starts to loosen and they know when it goes back to normal.

Common trigger points — like that nagging area between the shoulder blades — are associated with the fact that toxins commonly accumulate in certain places in the body. When the therapist locates a trigger point and applies pressure, that pain will often “refer” or travel to another part of the body. For example, if the therapist applies pressure to your hamstring or back of your leg, you might feel it in your lower back.

Trigger point therapy helps relieve back tension and lets it go back to a more “normal” state. However, some of the time the customers’ body may be too sensitive and can’t handle the deep pressure. While it may work wonders for some, for others it may be too uncomfortable.


Amazing for tension without a lot of pressure and getting the most out of your session.

You may doubt the actual benefits of a hot stone massage because it looks and feels amazing, but what it can provide you with is also amazing. How the stones are shaped allow the experts to use different methods that can give you more benefits, ones that you can tell you’ve gotten. Your therapist may use the rounded side of the stone around the shoulder, lower back, and neck. This allows you to relax even more between the muscle and bone.