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Exfoliation is the removal of surfaced dry skin cells. so you can  reveal new healthy living skin, Our scrubs are hydrating and will leave your skin naturally smooth.  We always follow up with homemade body butter to make sure we seal in the moisture and have you glowing for days.  


Sugar- Our sugar scrub is a  gentler way to exfoliate and great for all skin types.  We use amazing  natural, and organic ingredients, and our scrub are custom blended, and  freshly made daily.  You can chose your aroma blend:  focus, love, peace, bliss, healing, blessed, and confidence. 


Butter- Do you have dry skin?  This scrub is a combination of shea butter, coco butter, and sugar with many other great natural ingredients.  made fresh daily.  


Wake Up!-  Recommended for extremely dry skin.  Our homemade, signature scrub is sure to awaken your senses...  Made with coffee, grits, "butters" and many unique, healing ingredients sure to have you feeling silky soft while awakening the senses.



Wraps are great for slimming and trimming, anti-aging, skin care and so much more...  Book one today! .                                                                                                      

Aroma- Recommended for normal to sensitive skin types.  This awesome basic wrap will have your skin detoxed and feeling great.  Chose your aroma:  focus, peace, bliss, healing, blessed, and confidence.


Thai- Indulge in a ritual wrap made with lemongrass and basil, and other healing elements to make this an uplifting, detoxifying, and balancing experience.


Anti-Aging- This is an awesome wrap filled with vitamins of A, B1, C, D, and other powerful healing proprieties that will  help promote tissue regeneration.  Leaving your skin nothing short of delicious.


Wake Up!-  this coffee based wrap will help detox, and break down fat toxins.   (please note this wrap is for healing, we don't guarantee

 any weight loss all results vary)


Yougurt- Our very own organic honey and natural yoghourt, wrap is food for the skin.  Leaving you  feeling  silky soft.


Healing- This wrap is great for aching and tired muscles.  Great for people who workout daily, or just suffer from tired muscles and want to improve your circulation.


Non-Fat-Aloe- Based wrap great for detox of impurities.  Please note this wrap has to stay on(the solution is colorless and odorless)  until the next day, and drinking plenty of water for the next week is highly recommended.  this wrap also breaks down fat toxins.  slimming effect may happen, for best results 6 weekly treatment recommend.



Experience that desirable waxed body look from your Dallas Day Dpa Koffee Day Spa. Our waxing method is personalized and customized for you, unlike other day spas


You can have your day spa package include our unique body waxing spa treatment method, specially designed for guests with sensitive skin. We offer waxing series specials for eyebrow waxing, lip wax, chin wax, underarm waxing, Brazilian bikini or hairless bikini waxing.

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