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Koffee Day Spa offers its spa facilities for hosting your next spa event. From small gatherings or meetings with mini-spa treatments, to a bachelorette party, to renting out the entire spa for the evening... Our Events Team will cater to your party's needs.


First Choose your number of guests...

min. 3 GUESTS   $140

5 - 10 GUESTS    $130

11- 15 GUESTS     $120

[all prices are per person plus 20% CASH Gratuity is required day of event)


Next, Customize your Spa Party with up to 3 services:

+ Mini-Facial

+ Mini-Massage

+ H20 Foot Ritual

+ V-Steam(6 People Max) 

+ Hand Reflexology 

+ Head Massage

+Hot Oil Face Massage(not a facial)

+Full Body Mini-Massage-*$20.00 additional 

+ Mini Facial With Mild Enzyme Treatment-*$18 additional

+ DeluxeH20 Foot Ritual With Mud and Hotstones-*$15 additional

+ Deluxe Hand Reflexology with Hotstones-*$15 additional

+ Body Steam (6 People Max) -*$35 additional

*All additional  cost is based on Per Person

Spa Party Add-Ons:  For Additional Cost Add Some Spice To Your Day!

The Party is over but you want to stay and vibe?  125 Per Hour

(must book at time of reservation) 


Vision Board




Tea Bar(coming soon)


Dance Classes



Custom Chef-Starting at 28.50PP

Ask us about all of our wonderful additional services you can add on.

* Deposits are non-refundable.

* Final Payment of party balance is due and accepted ONLY 7 days prior to event, at which time your party count should be finalized.

* If your headcount changes within 7 days of your party date, there are alternative service options available to you, however, there will be NO REFUNDS. Please contact Spa for available options.

* 20% gratuity is required and must be paid in CASH.



Create an energized and productive work atmosphere with Workplace Massage.  This simple stress management technique is a convenient and affordable way to provide employees with instant job stress relief.  Your workplace is the perfect location for seated massage.  Many people experience a great deal of stress at work but have very little spare time to deal with stress-related symptoms.  The solution: Koffee Day Spa comes to your office and provides you with natural stress relief and deep relaxation, all in a matter of minutes.


Imagine yourself at work and your co-workers are cheerful and smiling. Everyone is doing their job in an energetic and productive manner.


Chair massage at the workplace provides proven benefits such as:

+ Reduced muscle tension

+ Improved blood flow and circulation

+ Increased energy, alertness and productivity

+ Decreased anxiety

+ Improved mental acuity

+ Immediate and cumulative results

+ Decreased absenteeism due to stress related illnesses


These benefits automatically create a more healthy work environment but they also have a positive effect on the bottom line.


Budget planning can be a stressful endeavor. We'd like to relieve this stress with chair massage prices that are reasonable and manageable. We are confident that our chair massage prices are among the lowest in the industry, thereby making workplace massage an affordable wellness initiative for companies of any size.


Included in our fee are:

+ Service of certified and insured massage practitioner(s)

+ All equipment (massage chair, headrest covers, cleansers for chair and practitioners hands)

+ Sign-up sheets or online booking

+ Soothing music

+ Promotional material

+ Customer support


The number of people massaged per hour varies according to the pre-arranged length of each session.

For example:


30-minute sessions = 2 participants per hour
20-minute sessions = 3 participants per hour
15-minute sessions = 4 participants per hour
10-minute sessions = 6 participants per hour


The most popular choice is 15-minute sessions.  Just enough time to relax and unwind without falling asleep. The 20-minute sessions are very similar but they allow that little extra time for the practitioner to also work on arms and hands, which is very well liked by people who do a lot of writing or keyboarding. 


Pricing Options:

3 Hours    = $75 [per hour] [per therapist]

4-5 Hours = $70 [per hour] [per therapist]

6-8 Hours = $65 [per hour] [per therapist]

A minimum booking of three hours is required


A $20 minimum gratuity per therapist, per day, will be added to your total.  You are welcome to offer an additional amount as you see fit.


A $25 travel charge is added per therapist, per day within the DFW area Metroplex. Outside the DFW area Metroplex we charge on a case-by-case basis.


Payment Options:

1-   Company pays 100%

2-  Company and Employees share the cost [Co-Pay]

3-  Employees pay 100% of their individual massage sessions

Payment is due at the completion of the appointment.  For pre-booked multiple appointments we will invoice your company ahead of time.  For your convenience we accept cash, checks and the following:


Cancellation Policy:

Please notify us at least three days prior to the event if you need to cancel our service. Cancellations received less than three (3) days before a confirmed appointment are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the invoice total.


At this time we provide chair massage for workplace wellness in the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex) and major cities across America.  If you are located elsewhere please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make arrangements to accommodate your workplace massage needs.


We will work with you to make your chair massage wellness program or special corporate event a stress-free experience.

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