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When visiting a spa normally the first, or one of the first few questions they will ask you is if you prefer a male or female therapist. This question may feel awkward or uncomfortable to think about and leave you conflicted while other’s know exactly what they do and what they don’t want.

For some women it may bring up body issues or concerns of a male therapist coming on to them but for men they may feel that if they choose a male due to more strength for deep tissue massages, someone may think they’re gay. Especially if they become aroused during the session… this isn’t uncommon considering the level of intimacy with another person while being exposed and having oil rubbed over your body.

Most spa-goers tend to choose a female over male… this is true for both men and women customers. It seems pretty obvious though that the women would feel more comfortable with another woman. 85 percent of massage therapists are female, this is mostly because spas don’t tend to hire male therapists because they don’t bring in as much business and are difficult to book.

Going back to comfort, more women are prone to choosing a female therapist because with a male, especially one they find themselves attracted to, it’s harder for them to relax and enjoy the massage. And it’s pretty much the same thing for men. Men would rather prefer a female when getting a massage because if they had another male rubbing their bodies they would feel uncomfortable especially with the association of homosexuality.

Despite some people feeling awkward and uncomfortable with a male therapist, there are a portion of both men and women who do request a male because they tend to be stronger which can provide them with a deeper and more soothing massage. And for some men, having a male therapist gets rid of the chance to get aroused because for most people that doesn’t tend to happen unless they are attracted to the other person.

People who go to spas more frequently than those who don’t, don’t normally care as much about the gender of their therapists. Some may even start going to males after only ever seeing females because as they become more experienced they would like a deeper massage.

Of course, it’s all up to you and your comfort. Try not to feel embarrassed if you would like a masseur rather than a masseuse because at the end of the day, it’s only really about get a massage and feeling relaxed.


About the Spa: At Koffee Day Spa, we wish for our clients to be well-informed before enjoying any of our services. We hope your experience will be better once you know what to expect, have more realistic ideals and goals, as well as understand what we are focused on doing for you. If there are any other questions or concerns you may be having, please contact us at (214) 428-9696 I I I 1118 S. Akard St, Dallas, TX 75215

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