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If you consider your feet at all, it’s probably only when there is pain or for what color to slather on your toes... The majority of us spend far more time absorbed with our shoes than the unassuming foot within them, but even if you never give them a single thought, we at Koffee Day Spa realize how amazing they are!

If your body were a vehicle, your feet would be like both your wheels and your motor... Point of fact, throughout your life, you will walk over 100,000 miles. They keep you upright throughout the day, transporting you to all kinds of activities. Standing-up, walking-around, holding your kids, or exercising, your nerves and muscles inside the feet connect directly to your brain, permitting this small surface area to uphold the equilibrium in your entire body. Each of your feet contains dozens of bones, joints and ligaments which work in unison to keep you upright and moving at your command. When you give more consideration to your feet, you get so more in-return… For instance, stretching and workout them out increases balance and decreases aching from disorders like [plantar fasciitis]. Soaking your feet in Epsom salts increases your magnesium levels. You may even be shocked to know foot massage can eradicate headaches and reduce stress levels.

Foot rubbing can work miracles on the other parts of your body too, reducing PMS issues, lowering blood pressure, and facilitating circulation. Even top medical schools recommend foot massages, or using massage tools on your feet. With a small investment of time you increase tranquility, rejuvenation of the muscles, and improved energy, simply by giving a little attention to your feet.


About the Spa: At Koffee Day Spa, we wish for our clients to be well-informed before enjoying any of our services. We hope your experience will be better once you know what to expect, have more realistic ideals and goals, as well as understand what we are focused on doing for you. If there are any other questions or concerns you may be having, please contact us at (214) 428-9696 I I I 1118 S. Akard St, Dallas, TX 75215

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